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After 4 years of studies (and a 360° shift in my life) I obtained my International Diploma of the Grinberg Method - a somatic bodywork approach which teaches body awareness and reconnection to one-self through being a body, in order to achieve well-being and health.
I have worked as an independent practitioner since 2010 in several locations and I am continuously learning: I participated in numerous international courses, including the Recovery Course level 1 (recovering from injuries and chronic pain) and level 2 (recovering from back symptoms).

Today I continue touching people’s lives at my clinic in Palma de Mallorca and during Yoga and Holistic Retreats.



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Jeremy / Programmer

You were able to help me reclaim a sense of contentment that has been missing in my life for more than a decade and I am excited about continuing that discovery in our next sessions. 

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There was a scary number of changes happening in my life all at once and I was feeling very overwhelmed. Having already worked with Tahona and achieved some amazing results with her help, I knew that it was time to reach out to her and reconnect to my body and my breath.

Tahona created the perfect package for me - her natural intuition and approach to body work allowed for an intense and transformative long weekend. Although guided by her, I was consulted at every step when she created the programme so that I knew what was scheduled and the focus of it was completely personalised. 

The entire programme was amazing. Tahona is so full of energy, grace, humour, compassion, understanding and created this amazing safe space for me to be and work in. This is not your typical "retreat". It is completely tailor made, flexible and the special personal touches to each and every session shows how much she is invested in your health and how much she cares and supports you. Priceless really. 

I am so grateful. And I will be going back to Mallorca as soon as I can!

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I came across the Grinberg Method a few years ago at EXpatExpo in Geneva, and it interested me greatly.  In February 2014 the opportunity to try it with Tahona Santana as practitioner came my way, and I decided to give it a try.  Man was that a good decision!

At the time I was harbouring a huge amount of anger and angst coming from my work environment.  A lifetime of a bad processing habits, coupled with the frustration and anger I cultivated as a result of an unhealthy workplace, (and my reaction to it) was manifested in the deepest muscles of my body as stress.  Tahona worked with me for several months, and I found myself slowly letting go.  By the end of my time with her, not only was I much more relaxed,  my attitude to my place of work had completely changed.  I no longer had this bad energy, and I had a developed a healthy perspective with regard to it. Now what used to bother me, no longer does - though my work place is still full of negative energy.  

More recently I experienced the death of a family member, and some weeks later my diaphragm muscles seized up and I could hardly move. The pain, especially at night in bed, was excruciating.  It lasted for 12 days.  An osteopath helped, but I was still waking up during the night in agony. Finally I had the presence of mind to contact Tahona again. She said she could sort me out if I had 4 sessions in close succession.  Unfortunately her diary was full, but luckily two cancellations came up, and by the fourth session I was fine.  

I can't recommend Tahona highly enough.  As a result of her treatment I have developed an automatic slow breathing response to stressful situations, so that I rarely find myself wasting energy in anger and frustration now.  



I had the pleasure of encountering Tahona and her magic in October 2014. We did four sessions of Grinberg bodywork together. I wish I had signed up for twice that. 

In just four sessions Tahona was able to release stuck energy in my body that brought a flood of emotional conclusions to my conscious awareness that I'd been operating from for literally decades. The freedom I feel now as a result of this work is amazing. And I thought I was pretty darn free before. What this will create in my life and work remains to be seen, as it's only four days since my last session, but already I find myself responding differently in challenging situations, revealing more of myself,  and stepping into risks in a way I've wanted to for a long, long time.

Thank you Tahona. I can't wait for your return! I will keep you posted!


Daniel /communication specialist

I'd had a half-dozen or more bodywork sessions with Tahona when the opportunity came up to do an intensive retreat with her and her team of professionals.

I'd had such good results with the regular sessions that I was pretty sure that there would be some break-throughs with an intensive weekend. And I was right. If it wasn't the best present I'd ever given myself, I can't think of what was. "Intensive" was certainly the right word - and it started exactly the kind of shift I was looking for. The intensity of the individual sessions however, was nicely balanced by the group sessions at the beginning and end of each day, and by the relaxed atmosphere and surroundings of the lodge where we stayed. A final positive note was the really excellent and super healthy food. Often at retreats like this, the food is bearable, but nothing to get excited about. It's safe to say that we were very excited about meal times - they never disappointed. All in all, a well-organized and personally profitable weekend - highly recommended.


Shitiliana /pnl practitioner

 I loved the retreat and had great time and benefit both from the amazing individual sessions and the group events. Getting more in touch with and tune to my own body and waking up its various sensations made the experience mind-blowing for me. There was time to relax and time to play, time to be nicely on my own and with myself and time to bond and laugh a lot with a bunch of cool people. It was fun and a great opportunity to learn more about myself and my body with guidance and support that make all the difference. I relaxed and recharged so well. Thank you!


Martina /Chief Business Intelligence Architect

I came to the intensive retreat with no preconceived notions. I had never experienced the Grinberg Method and was there out of curiosity and a desire to explore.

The people participating in and directing the retreat were lovely. There was a sense of peace and calm throughout the weekend.  The location was in a beautiful rural mountain setting, with lush green valleys and the sounds of cowbells in the distance.  Our room was simple but comfortable. The vegetarian food was out of this world.  I ate too much at every meal, because there were so many delicious dishes to choose from All of these things were enjoyable, but the most important thing was the work we did in the sessions.

I learned so much in such a short time. There were five private sessions, plus some group work.  What I learned with Tahona in the private sessions I still use today.  She used touch to help me understand and release some of the energetic  patterns in my body.  I had broken my elbow earlier in the year, and although it was healed my shoulder did not want to stop holding in a protective position. This was causing problems with my posture.  She helped my body release that protective stance permanently. During the sessions I had some very intense releases of pain, sadness, joy and laughter. I made some profound discoveries about how and where my body holds the emotional echo of past experiences. Tahona answered all of my questions during and after the sessions.  She helped me to understand the method so I could use it to heal myself in the future.

I found the retreat a valuable practice and would recommend it to anyone interested in exploring the mind, body and spirit connection.  I look forward to working with Tahona again in the future.

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